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Out of my 27+ years as a publisher, one-third has been well-lived in fabulousHouston, as LUXCIOR is celebrating its 9th Anniversary. As I tell everyone, I wish I had known Houston when I first moved to the US back in 1980. Definitely, a market 10X more progressive, friendly, and in most respects better than Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Phoenix, where I have published in the past. Looking back at our humble beginnings in 2013 as a small 48-page bilingual publication, thanks to the preference and loyalty of our partners, we evolved -even through the pandemic- to become the largest, highest quality print, and one of the top luxury magazines in Texas. And also the most diverse in content, evenly representing the deep multi-cultural landscape of our region. Ultra-luxury brands like Lamborghini Houston and ACPS Plastic Surgery count among those names that supported our growth from our very beginning to this day. Great names like Vander Dys Fine Jewelers, Sal y Pimienta (and before Tango Malbec), Freedom Supercars, and many others have been our clients for years now, and I’m very thankful for their business and friendship. We are here to properly represent their prestige and reputation. I’d also like to thank our growing audience for their following and appreciation. But more than anyone else, I must thank our God for always being there for me as my invisible (not “silent”) partner. He’s always been a determining factor in my decision-making process when it comes to content and the way I run my business. I am over-excited to announce that we are almost ready to open our new office ten minutes from The Galleria, home not only to LUXCIOR but also to our new venture, the Houston Black Book of Luxury, and G-power Marketing. Stay tuned to our social media @luxciormagazine to join us for the upcoming celebrations. On a final note, I’d like to bring to your attention the urgency to support Ukraine with our donations and help Ukrainians that may choose to make Houston their temporary or permanent home. Let’s open our hearts, our business through employment, and even our homes. What a privilege it is for us to be part of relieving the unbearable pain inflicted on so many beautiful families just like yours and mine by this unjust, and cruel invasion! May God bless us as Americans, although more often than not we take for granted the freedom, peace, and prosperity we enjoy. But right now, above all else, I encourage you to join me in prayer, that God will extend His mercy on Ukraine and put a stop to this insanity.